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Dear Customer

As you will be aware following the governments advice on 23rd March 2020, all non-essential business are to close for a period of at least three weeks to help limit the spread of Covid-19. As it stands, S&N Timber cannot maintain social distancing effectively, and as a result of this our workshop will remain closed until these measures have been relaxed, when we will reopen business as usual. 

What does this mean for my upcoming delivery?

Unfortunately, while S&N Timber is closed, we will be unable to manufacture and deliver our upcoming orders. Because of this, our delivery dates will be pushed back at least three weeks, or until after these measures have been lifted.

For information on your shed/summerhouse delivery, we are advising adding 21 days onto the day of your original delivery. Please be advised this may change depending on further Government announcements. 

Once we have clarity around when we will be able to reopen our workshop for manufacturing, we will be in touch.

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Why are we good at what we do?

We take our time to find and get to know our suppliers. For example the sawmill in Sweden we’ve been using for over 10 years, know that we only want slower growing, quality redwood timber which has taken 150-180 years to mature, we don’t use whitewood timber, as other manufactures commonly use, as its faster growing so not as good for strength and longevity.

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