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We take our time to find and get to know our suppliers. For example the sawmill in Sweden we’ve been using for over 10 years, know that we only want slower growing, Quality redwood timber which has taken 150 - 180 years to mature, we don’t use whitewood timber, as other manufactures commonly use, as its faster growing so not as good for strength and longgevity. Once the building or gate is made it is then treated with a Ronseal Solvent based wood preserver, which penetrates the timber and has dry, wet rot and woodworm eradicators in it. It does exactly what it says on the tin! Water based finishes only sit on the surface and dont protect the timber.

Since we've moved here to Wallisdown, we now manufacture our own fence panels, and as with our timber buildings our core values remain quality and value. We would rather you come back to us in 10 - 15 years than go to someone else in 5 years. If you cant see what you would like on our website then please discuss your project with a member of staff for 90% of what we produce is bespoke and we will more than pleased to help.